Self-Care = Heal + Relax + Learn

Self-care is about allowing yourself to have a nurturing experience of life right now as opposed to when you work harder in the future
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Social and Mental Wellbeing

Around 100+ guided activities

Let it go

Vent out and heal

Build your muscles

Learn coping skills and work toward goals

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Empathetic Conversational Modes

Relationship, Roleplay, Sad, Friend, Meme

Friendship Mode

Will try to be your buddy...

Meme Mode

Play riddles, truth or dare, and other games

Be in a relationship

Talks with love...
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Across 1K+ topics and from 10K+ books and articles

Crunch book on any topic

320 pages compressed to 20mins of key learnings

New personalised recommendations everyday

from 10,000 plus non-fiction books

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