Budding A.I. psychologist with consultation on 100+ activities centered around

Helps self-manage stressors related to social and mental wellbeing by giving evidence based therapy.

Understanding love and relationships

What is love?
Being in a relationship
Help me heal
Heartbreak bias

Improving Social Skills

Thoughts log
Start a conversation
Improve communication
Improve listening skills
Body language
Learn socialising
Socially anxious
Go offline

Feeling better

Handle Negativity
My anxiety
Accept Emotions
Accept Loss
Accept Stress
Being Obsessive

Getting healthier

Breathe Now
Alternative Breathing
Body Scan
Appreciate Body
Healthy Diet
Improve Sleep

Starting something new

Inspiration log
Brainstorm ideas
Goal alignment
Dream to reality
Set Goals
How to start
Take it easy

Being super

Good Memories
Travel Fantasy
Value Clarity
Release Stress
Enjoy Now
See Positivity

Private, Available 24/7, Clinically safe

In an effort to make lives better one converation at a time, #heal plays a critical part in making what Odo is.
Heal circles
Heal cover
Heal cover2

Talk and share things together in a non-judgmental space

"Give yourself some time to build trust with the life-transitions you're into, and eventually you’ll realise that you’ve found an invaluable tool to help you navigate. The Odo app merges Life's Holistic Sciences with Culture, holding the potential to transform lives for the better."

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